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While Earl Scruggs owned hundreds of banjos throughout his lifetime, he only performed with 5!

Bales Bird's Eye Maple

Bales Bird's Eye Full Front

Ronnie Bales of Gatlinburg, Tennessee (formerly New Market) has been quietly making some of the finest banjos available. Ronnie is known for painstakingly selecting and drying wood for his banjos and has built banjos for some of the most popular performers today. Instead of making necks and purchasing the remainder of the parts, Ronnie builds the necks, rims, resonators and bridges. He worked for many years with Bill Blaylock to develop his own tone ring. The profile of which is modeled after an original Gibson prewar tone ring. The tuners are waverly 2 band and the balance of the parts are Prucha. Ronnie Bales Banjos also feature his turbo rim. The turbo design provides a large room filling sound and makes the banjo less suseptable to changes in humidity. When humidity rises with the standard rim design, the rim swells and the rim / flange fit tightens. This often results in tone being choked.

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FON or Serial Number: 041
Year: 2014
Manufacturer: Ronnie Bales of Bales Banjos
Period (Prewar / Modern): Modern
Tone Ring: Current Version Ronnie Bales (Bill Blaylock)
Neck: Hand selected maple with
ebony fingerboard and MOP inlays
Rim: Bales 3 Ply Maple - Turbo Rim
Hooks & Nuts: Prucha Gold Plated Steel
Tuners: Waverly 2 Band with Ivoroid Buttons
Head: Remo Huber Version
Bridge: Bales
Tailpiece: Prucha Presto
Tension Hoop and Flange: Prucha
Armrest: Prucha

Music Note Sample 
Full Front
Full Back
Pot Side
Neck Front
Neck Back
Neck Side
Peghead Front
Peghead Back
Resonator Back
Resonator Inside
Turbo Rim Diagram

Price (Shipping & Insurance Additional): $4,000