Banjo Fact

While Earl Scruggs owned hundreds of banjos throughout his lifetime, he only performed with 5!

Gibson Checkerboard TB-11

Bales Seiber Mahogany Full Front

This banjo is a one piece flange style 6 banjo the heart of which is a Gibson 3 ply maple rim from a TB-11. While the style 11 banjos were a lower priced alternative to the Mastertone line of banjos, these banjos were made in the Gibson Kalamazoo factory alongside the Mastertones. The rim in this banjo has been cut and has an HR-30 tone ring by Steve Huber. The balance of the metal parts are Prucha. The banjo is gold plated and has been engraved in style 6 by Nick Kimmons.

Item Details & Picture Links

FON or Serial Number: None
Year: 1930s
Manufacturer: Gibson
Period (Prewar / Modern): Prewar
Tone Ring: Huber HR-30 Prototype
Neck: Robin Smith Curly Maple
Resonator: Highly Figured Maple by Steve Gill
Rim: Prewar Gibson 3 ply Maple from a TB-11
Hooks & Nuts: Prucha Gold Plated Steel
Tuners: Waverly with Prewar Pearl Buttons
Head: Remo
Bridge: Bales
Tailpiece: Prucha
Tension Hoop and Flange: Prucha
Armrest: Prucha

Music Note
Full Front
Full Back
Pot Side
Neck Front
Neck Back
Neck Side
Peghead Front
Peghead Back
Resonator Back
Resonator Inside

Price (Shipping & Insurance Additional): $5,000