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While Earl Scruggs owned hundreds of banjos throughout his lifetime, he only performed with 5!

Hatfield Custom Feud

Gibson Hatfield Feud Full Front

This banjo is a custom Arthur Hatfield banjo. It includes features from several Hatfield banjos including a mahogany neck inlayed with the "Feud" theme, a quilted mahogany resonator, an Ebbe tone ring, Prucha nickel metal parts and Cox rim.

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FON or Serial Number: 6201704000-102
Manufacturer: Hatfield
Neck: Hatfield Feud Mahogany
Period (Prewar / Modern): Modern
Resonator: Quilted Mahogany
Rim: Cox 3 Ply Maple
Hooks & Nuts: Nickel Plated Steel
Peghead Tuners: Waverly with Ivoroid Buttons
5th String Tuner: Schaller with Ivoroid Buttons
Head: Huber
Bridge: Hatfield
Tailpiece: Presto
Flange: Modern Prucha
Tension Hoop: Modern Prucha
Thumb Screws: Modern Prucha
Resonator L Brackets: Modern Prucha
Resonator Wall Lugs: Modern Prucha
Coordinator Rods: Two Rods Modern Prucha
Condition: Excellent

Music Note Sample 
Full Front
Full Back
Flange At Neck Right
Flange At Neck Left
Pot Side
Neck Front
Neck Back
Neck Side
Peghead Front
Peghead Back
Resonator Back
Resonator Inside

Price (Shipping & Insurance Additional): $2,750