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While Earl Scruggs owned hundreds of banjos throughout his lifetime, he only performed with 5!

Nechville Nexstar

Nechville Full Front

Tom Nechville has been one of the great innovators of the banjo throughout his career. This is a Nechville Nexstar model banjo with many extra features. These include a tunneled 5th string, a bound peg head, maple binding, a comfortable matching ebony arm rest, v neck, etc. The banjo also comes with a -turbo module- whereby the banjo can be turned into an electric banjo by replacing the -guts- of the helimount with the turbo unit.

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FON or Serial Number: 4-12 1525
Year: 2014
Manufacturer: Nechville
Period (Prewar / Modern): Modern
Tone Ring: Heli-Mount
Neck: Nechville Curly Maple Radiused V Neck
Fingerboard: Ebony with Cascade Inlay
Resonator: Prewar Style Curly Maple
5th String: Tunneled Tuners: Nickel Nechville Guitar Style
Head: Remo
Bridge: Nechville Enterprise Banjo Bridge
Tailpiece: Nechville In-Line
Armrest: Nechville Ebony Comfort Bevel
Stain: Northern Lights (Medium Blue)
Electric: turboModule

Full Front
Full Back
Pot Side
Neck Front
Neck Back
Neck Side
Peghead Front
Peghead Back
Resonator Back
Resonator Inside

Price (Shipping & Insurance Additional): Price On Request